On-Site Massage

What is On-Site (Seated) Massage?

  • Seated MassageOn-site massage is a short massage for the neck, shoulders, back and arms and hands. The massage is given in a portable chair especially designed for client comfort. The client remains fully clothed during the session, which typically lasts 15 – 20 minutes.

Why Use On-Site Massage?

  • It’s convenient – no need to leave the workplace – on-site massage comes to you!
  • Anyone can participate – age is not a factor and no special fitness level is needed.
  • Immediate results – most people notice a difference as soon as the massage is complete.
  • It’s cost-effective – there is no investment in equipment and the company only pays for the employees who use the program.

Use On-Site Massage as

  • Part of an ongoing wellness program – Massage reduces stress, a factor in many health-related issues. Proactive companies, interested in maintaining and increasing employee wellness will benefit from increased morale and productivity and may be eligible for premium reductions from their insurance carriers.
  • A reward for meeting goals or production deadlines
  • Recognition for birthdays or special events
  • A component of a health fair

Exhibiting at a Trade Show?

  • On-Site Massage Practitioners will attract people to your booth!
  • Trade shows can be long and grueling – you will have a captive audience as people line up to receive a complimentary massage!

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For full body massage see:
Rich Rieger, LMT or Diana Simonton, LMT