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Stress In The Office

Seated MassageAccording to a recent article in Employee Benefit News,   The American Institute of Stress estimates that stress in the workplace costs U.S. corporations over $300 billion dollars annually. Onsite seated chair massage is a simple and cost effective way to help reduce workplace stress, boost morale and increase productivity. Join the growing list of companies that are adding onsite massage to their corporate wellness programs.

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Onsite Seated Chair Massage is Cost Effective

photoOnsite seated chair massage is cost effective. You may be surprised to learn that a seated massage session for your employees cost less than the potato chips, sodas and brownies the company provided at your last training session. When you contract for seated chair massage, you invest in a single event for a fixed and reasonable fee. There’s no investment in equipment because we provide it all and we come to you! Chair massage for your employees will boost goodwill as it ¬†decreases stress and increases morale and productivity.

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Flourish Massage Therapy

When you are in Boulder Colorado visit Flourish Massage Therapy to get a skillful and soulful massage from Mariah Simonton. Http://

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