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Is Your Onsite Massage Therapist Certified or Licensed

As massage therapy has become more mainstream in the last ten years, the popularity of onsite seated chair massage has grown as well. Many states have passed laws regulating our profession that require massage therapists to be licensed or certified. If these regulations do not specifically mention seated massage or chair massage, that creates a “gray area” which allows people with little or no training to offer this service.  If you want to make sure you are dealing with a professional massage therapist, you can ask for a copy of their license or certification. You may also want to confirm that your therapist has personal liability insurance as well.  In the Washington DC metro area, you can do a massage therapy license lookup on these sites:

Washington DC: DC Health Professional Licensing Administration

Virginia: VA Board of Nursing

Maryland: MD Board of Chiropractic and Massage Therapy Examiners

At apple a day onsite, we do all that for you. You can be confident that every massage therapist we contract with is certified/licensed and carries liability insurance.

Onsite Seated Chair Massage at Your Health Fair

Onsite massage, or seated chair massage, makes a great addition to your health fair. Your staff can get a short, relaxing massage for the neck and shoulders while they wait to see what their cholesterol level is. The massage may even help lower their blood pressure or relieve their headache. Rich Rieger and the apple a day onsite massage team have been providing seated massage to health fairs since 1994. All massage therapists working for apple a day onsite are credentialed in their jurisdiction and carry professional liability insurance.

Trade Show Traffic Builder

Seated massage is a great way to increase traffic at your trade show exhibit booth. You will have a captive audience viewing your product as they wait in line for their complimentary massage. After all, how many pens or letter openers does one person need? Many attendees have traveled long distances and are sleeping in uncomfortable beds. Jet lagged, with stiff necks and sore backs, a five or ten minute chair massage can really help someone feel better. When the word gets out about your “give away”, they’ll be flocking to your booth. If you haven’t thought about this at all, give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss the details with you. Try something new at your next trade show or event.

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