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Seated Massage and Office Well Being

A chair massage is a type of body work performed while the subject is sitting in a special chair. It allows him to lean forward so his neck, back and shoulders are easy for the therapist to reach, as these are the areas of concentration. Chair massages are done while the person is fully clothed, and they don’t use cream or oil.

A full chair massage can be done in as little as 15 minutes. This makes chair massages appropriate for office workers and others who have little time to spare and who cannot undress for a more comprehensive treatment. It also makes the massages easy to do in temporary, busy locations because one therapist can serve many people with quick massages.

Chair massage has special benefits, it directly treats the neck, back, and shoulders, all areas adversely affected by office work.

The treated person can close her eyes, relieving strain caused by looking continually at a computer monitor. The chair massage improves circulation, relieves muscle tension and raises a person’s energy levels. Massages may also reduce repetitive strain injuries. Regular 15-minute chair massages reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

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